Baking and cooking with Kids

Children love to help out in the kitchen and to prepare meals themselves.

With “The Kids’ Easy Cup Cookbook,” even preschool-aged children can start to bake on their own and experience how cakes are made with “natural” ingredients. By using the cups, with their different sizes and colors, children are able to measure ingredients and make batters and doughs all by themselves (depending on their age and capability).

In clear, picture-by-picture instructions, each step is shown individually, leading children through the recipe. Using this method of baking, your child will learn  how to use numbers and quantities, follow a sequence, and arrange and sort ingredients. Try the „Kids’ Easy Cup Cookbook” and let your child begin collecting wonderful experiences!

Have fun!

Our baking and cooking box sets

Baking with kids - Part 1

cooking with kids - part 2

Picture-by-picture, become a star baker

How it Works

Prepare the Ingredients

Step by Step
process ingredients to a dough

Kids easy measuring of ingredients with the help of the color coded cups

Complete measuring cup set

The baking set includes 5 color-coded measuring cups & spoons
 1 Cup (250ml), 1/2 Cup (125ml), 1/8 Cup (30ml), 1 Tbsp (15ml) & 1 Tsp (5ml)

German and European Recipes

The most delicious German & European baking and cooking recipes for kids.

Now available from „Kids‘ Easy Cup Cookbook“.

Nice and easy. This is the first cookbook for kids to understand. Easy explanation with lovely pictures and a step by step instruction. It supports the independency of the children, because they can do it completely on their own.
„This concept has persuaded me right away. The cups with different colours and sizes makes it very easy even for small children to bake and that whithout many help from the adults. The recipes are delicious and my children were so proud after their first cake, baked by their own."
„Baking with my kids was always a chaotic thing. Then I saw this cup cookbook and now baking is a pleasure. I love the idea of the different sized und coloured cups to measure and weigh the ingredients. The instruction is only in pictures, so even young children can understand. With this books my kids can bake on their own, without the help of their mother."


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